6 healthy reasons to eat Radish(mooli)

Health Tips

Radishes may not top most the list of your favourite root vegetables but when it originates to nutrition and health & wellness benefits they absolutely a top rank among all other vegetables.

Diabetic Medicine – Low Glycemic Index:

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Help to reduce Cold and Cough:

This vegetable has anti-congestive vitamins which benefits in clearing the mucus formed in your throat Moreover radish also improves more and your immunity Will be good.

Helps you recover from jaundice:

Radish is super food when it originates to removing toxins. This helps save your liver and stomach in perfect condition. Radish active in monitoring jaundice is that it supports regulate the quantity of bilirubin in the blood and rises the oxygen supply within the body.

Weight Loss:

Radish is very low in calories and the fibre content in it endorses satiety.


Good for asthma patients:

Root vegitable radish really to help to control Asthama.

Good for Kidneys:

Radish contains more diurectic property and its help to improving kidney health. It will help removal of toxins from the body acting as a usual cleaner.

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