7 Reasons Why All Women Are Obsessed With 50 Shades of Grey

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7 Reasons Why All Women Are Obsessed With 50 Shades of Grey


Women are literally addicted to the movie 50 Shades of Grey. Here are 7 reasons as to why women are obsessed with the movie.

#7 Mr. Grey

Women love the character of Mr. Grey, because no man can compare to him. Mr. Grey is perfect at everything. He has money, he’s good looking and a charmer.



Anastasia had never fallen in love till she met Mr. Grey. Anastasia experiences everything for the first time which makes the audience relate to their own first times and the passion that was involved.



Women love the fact that there was so much sexual tension all throughout the movie. Women love to be teased for a long time before the actual intercourse.



Anastasia and Mr. Grey love each other in a very sexual way and that is very exciting to watch. They do care for each other but they mainly love sex.



Women love the idea of being tied up and not being able to have control and letting the man just take over. Watching these scenes excite women.



The director did a great job with this movie because of the fact that Anastasia isn’t you typical barbie doll. She looks like a basic girl and her being basic a lot of the female audience can relate to a lot more.




Let’s cut to the point, the movie is literally a Porno. The whole time you are watching the movie you are on your toes waiting for the next scene.



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