Amazing Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Do you remember the last time when you walked on the ground with barefoot? Remember the guy in college who went barefoot everywhere? He may have seemed eccentric, but it turns out he was on to something.

Walking barefoot, also known as “earthing,” has gone from being a kooky counter-culture trend, to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep.

Did you know that you can benefit a lot by walking barefoot? When your bare skin comes in contact with the earth directly, the negative ions present in the earth can help balance the positive ions in your body and this will improve your health in many aspects. Many of us have read or heard that there are pressure points in our body. When we walk barefoot on sand or on grass, the pressure on our foot activates the acupuncture points. This in turn, energizes our body and improves our health.


Barefoot walking benefits are listed below :


Improves THE BALANCE :

When our soles of the foot come in contact with the ground, our vestibular system (balance & coordination system) stimulates; thus, our balance is improved and the loop of the neural circuits remapped.

In the older age, we lose our balance and coordination more rapidly due to the inevitable degeneration in the neurons of our brain. So, if you’re walking barefoot on the grass, the potential signals sent from the receptors of the soles empower your neural circuits.

Insomnia Can Be Controlled :

Sleeplessness, also called as insomnia, is a sleeping disorder. People who have difficulties in sleeping or have disturbed sleep during the night are said to be insomniac. According to National Sleep Foundation, an adult requires a minimum of seven hours of sleep to be healthy. It is believed that walking barefoot on the grass can cure insomnia.


Improves Nervous System :

Walking barefoot stimulates the acupuncture points of the foot and this in turn helps in stimulating the nerves and veins. This improves the nervous system of our body. Pain caused by varicose veins, especially in diabetic patients, can be reduced if they regularly walk barefoot.


Eye Sight Can Be Improved :

There is a pressure point on the foot that connects with the nerves of the eye. When you walk barefoot in the morning on grass, the pressure point is stimulated which helps in improving your eye-sight.



When the greater amount is supplied in all over the body, it reduces the chances of blood clot development; thus, the blood flow will be maintained and the chances of the coronary artery disease will automatically lessen. A study also suggested that the Earthing or barefoot walking optimizes the surface charge of the red blood cells, thus it prevents the blood thickness. If the viscosity of the blood is very high, you’re more prone to develop any heart disease. So, walking is the appropriate option as compare to staying in the hospital due to any cardiac emergency.



As walking barefoot increases the venous return, it also makes our muscles and bones strengthen. It also improves the flexibility of your muscles; thus, you can also prevent your muscle to undergo the process of the muscle atrophy. Not only your leg muscles strengthen; yet, it’ll also boost the flexibility of your back muscles. The calcium of the bone is also improved and if you’re walking in the presence of sunlight then it is also amplifying the vitamin D as well.


Increases Immunity :

Stimulation of the nervous system while walking barefoot helps in improving one’s immunity. We have noticed that kids love to play and move around barefooted. When children play in the sand, it helps them get stronger and also, their immunity is enhanced.


Increases Energy :

Walking barefoot on the sand, road and on the small rocks stimulates the pressure points. One might initially find it a little difficult to walk barefoot, but as the days goes by it slowly strengthens your legs and your body. The energy level increases, making you very active.


Reduction in Chronicle Pain :

Electrons present in the earth help enrich the immune system in our body. The electrons are absorbed by our body, while walking barefoot increase the oxygen levels and thus, helps reduce chronicle or acute pain in our body.



Taking too much stress progresses towards a severe headache and this can become worse by the time. So, how can Earthing eliminate a headache? Well, besides with the stress-induced-headache, one of the major causes of suffering from a headache is that we’re continuously exposed towards the different radiation around us, which eventually give rise to a headache, especially migraine. Since, the barefoot walking is also related to the reduction in the free radicals in the body, it favors the headache elimination.  Thus, it’ll also keep you away from the uptake of unnecessary painkillers.


Decrease in Hormonal and Menstrual Symptoms :

Imbalance of the hormones can lead to several mental and physical problems. Premenstrual syndrome in women can cause mood-swings, stomach aches, headaches, gain in weight, constipation, acne and few other symptoms. Walking barefoot can help in decreasing these symptoms.


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