Nail Polish Design with Tips

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Nail Polish Design with Tips

I remember when I was growing up that there wasn’t a whole lot that women did with their nails.  Usually you just painted on some conservative shade of polish for a clean look, and that was it.  Thankfully we are living in far more expressive times now, and nail art has become so much more than it ever was before!  We’re seeing so many amazing colors and designs; it’s just an explosion of creativity!

I bet you’d like the option to grow out your nails so that you can get all those cute nail arts. It’s completely understandable. Whenever you see women having healthy, gorgeous nails and their nail arts, you sometimes wish you could get it done too. You can!

First off, what are acrylic nails?  Acrylic is a protective coating which is applied using a powder polymer and liquid monomer.  As the coating is exposed to the air, it dries and hardens.


Rainbow Polka Dots :

   How to Apply this :

  • First of all you need Yellow, Purple, Green, and Pink Nail polish, Bobby pin and top coat.
  • Paint the all finger nails with different color nail polish.
  • Use the bobby pin dipped in pink polish to create polka dots in the bottom half of the nails, except for the nail which has been painted in pink.
  • Use the bobby pin dipped in green nail polish to create polka dots on the nails except for the nail that has been painted green.
  • Create purple and yellow polka dots on all nail except purple and yellow nail.
  • Now your nail was painted with rainbow polka dots..

Acrylic Nails with Floral Patterns

   How to apply this :

  • First of all you need red(your color) nail polish, nude nail polish, white nail polish, dotting tool, small nail jewels and top coat.
  • Paint every nail with with nude nail polish except index fingernail.
  • Paint the index fingernail with red.
  • Paint a strip of red on the tip of the ring fingernail.
  • create thin stripes on the tops of the middle fingernail, pinky, and thumb.
  • Use the same brush to draw a stripe under the thick red stripe.
  • Use a dotting tool to create a floral design for the index and ring fingernails as shown in the image.
  • Add the jewels at the center of the petals of the flowers and seal it with a top coat.


Rich Matte Chocolate Brown Acrylic Nails

   How to apply this :

  • First of all you need brown matte nail polish, top coat and tape.
  • Paint all your nail with brown matte nail polish.
  • When it’s dry, place the tape diagonally with half and cross on nail as shown.
  • Then, use top coat to apply over it.
  • When you remove tape, you will clearly see the glossy and matte shade on your nail..


Black and White Acrylic Nails with Silver Moons

    How to apply this :

  • First of you need black, white and silver nail polish, top coat and fine brush.
  • Paint the thumb, pinky and ring fingernails with black.
  • Paint the index and middle fingernails white. You can even play around with the colors by reversing the colors on the other hand.
  • Paint half-moons with the silver nail polish onto all of the nails.
  • Seal the manicure with a top coat.


Mermaid Scales

    How to apply this :

  • First of all you need blue nail polish, white nail polish, Nail stencil or sticker that looks like mermaid or fish scales and top coat.
  • Paint all your nails white as the base.
  • When the polish is dry, Then place the stencil over your nail.
  • Paint over it with the metallic blue nail polish.
  • Wait about 30 seconds before removing the stencil.
  • Seal the nail art with a top coat.


We hope that you enjoyed our collection of beautiful and creative acrylic nail art designs from around the web!  Acrylic nail art is a wonderful hobby, and once you really get into it, it can become your passion.  Many nail art designs look complicated and hard to recreate, but are actually much easier than you think!  Well, we hope this list gave you some inspiration for some acrylic nail designs! There’s something for everybody in here. You can even play around with a couple of designs and find one that works for you! The whole point is to have fun with it! Make a pamper session out of it! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out for a salon like result!

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