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Sleeping death increases the risk of late death

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Those who go to sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, they have more risk of premature death. A survey of 4,33,000 people in the UK showed that 10 percent more people die prematurely than the early morning rising people.

Studies show that due to late sleep, many mental and physical complications have to be caused.
Scientists have chosen four types of people to study this. Those who rise daily in the morning, who occasionally rise in the morning, who are sleeping occasionally and who wake up regularly every night. The participants of these four categories are between 38 and 73 years old.

Later this paper was published in the International Chronobiology Journal. It is found that the person who wakes up regularly in the morning, has an average life expectancy of more than six and a half years.

However, it involves various topics such as age, gender, community, weight, socio-economic status, diet and lifestyle. The consistent estimation of all these things is seen in the last, that in the morning, those who wake up, their premature death rates are the lowest. And the risk of irregularities in those days increases.

Ninety percent of those who developed the bad habit of nights have been subjected to various mental disorders. 30 percent are at risk of diabetes. Apart from nervous problems, the increased risk of intestinal disorders increased greatly.
mental disorders

According to Professor Malcolm Von of the Cronobiology Department of the University of Surrey, this problem of night awakening has become a problem of public health, which has no way of avoiding it. To overcome this problem, we need a deeper research on what steps should be taken to adjust the body temperature on sunrise sunset, he said.

Christine Nutson, assistant professor of medicine at the University of North Western University, said that the main reason behind eating bad food, lack of adequate sleep, sleeping, sleeping or drug abuse is the main reason behind such bad habit, long-term stress. He said that due to such irregularities, the time of sleep was overturned.

But Nautsen assured that there is no reason to think that your body will be totally destroyed due to the night’s awakening. He said that about 40 to 70 percent of the body’s biological mechanisms or body-to-gear depend on the characteristics of genes. The rest depends on his age and surroundings. That is, some things are beyond our control. It is also possible to make changes in some areas.

Sleep experts gave some important tips to bring the disorder in the rules:

  1. Your sleeping place should be where the light of the sun reaches easily but there is darkness in the night.
  2. Every night, going to bed at a particular time and it is not too late.
  3. Strictness towards self to bring the lifestyle that you need to develop for healthy lifestyle. Under no circumstances can you compromise with sleeping time.
  4. Try to finish day-to-day work.
  5. Stay away from using mobile and laptops, especially social media during sleep.

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