Sonakshi sinha’s diet secrets and workout plan

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Sonakshi sinha’s diet secrets and workout plan

When the news of her Bollywood debut made rounds in the tinseltown, she immediately hogged the limelight. I’m here to be a Hero, not size zero,” says Sonakshi Sinha, the beautiful and versatile Bollywood actress. she made a mark in the industry with her innocent looks, beautiful smile and good acting, Sonakshi Sinha actually weighed around 90 kgs? Yes, you read it right. The actress lost almost 30 kgs before entering Bollywood. However, losing weight was not an easy task for her. Still, she got into shape by following some simple mantras. So, if you want to know what are those mantras that helped her to shed those extra kilos, then read on.

Her recent stunning Instagram pictures flabbergasted everyone who can’t stop going ga-ga over her new avatar. she is not size zero, but she has slimmed down and toned up. If Sonakshi could do it, you can too. Read on!

From a plump kid to a hot diva, Sonakshi Sinha has now become a fitness icon for many. Sonakshi was always criticized for being plump, but she never cared about what the body shamers thought of her. It was Salman Khan, her debut film’s co-star, who could finally motivate her to lose weight. She candidly accepts that if it were not for Salman.


Who inspired Sonakshi to lose weight??

It was Salman Khan, her debut film’s co-star, who could finally motivate her to lose weight. She candidly accepts that if it were not for Salman. she would have never lost weight! By following a strict diet plan and working out regularly, Sonakshi lost 30 kgs and brought her weight down to 60 kgs. she is thankful to her co-star Salman Khan, for motivating her to shed that extra weight. She says, “He saw potential in me and egged me on to lose weight. I would say his contribution was the highest as I started taking it seriously only after he told me to.”


Sonakshi’s Diet plan :

Being a foodie, it was hard for Sonakshi to “curtail” herself from all those “goodies” that she really loves. Food is sonakshi’s first love. She never follow diet befor. Below is given sonakshi’s Dietplan :

Early Morning : One glass warm water with lemon juice.

Breakfast: Cereal and milk with whole wheat toast.

Lunch: Homemade roti and sabzi with salad.

Evening Snack : A cup of green tea / A bowl of fruits.

Dinner : She takes dal, sabzi, chicken, and fish in dinner. She does not take any carbohydrates after 6 pm.

She also makes sure to drink plenty of water to keep herself hydrated.


Sonakshi’s exercise :

Sonakshi hits the gym twice a day to shed fat, build lean muscle mass and strength. She trains under the guidance of Shahid Kapoor’s trainer Yasmin Karachiwala to tone down her body. She follow belows workout :


  • Cardio exercises
  • cycling and functional training
  • weight training
  • Swimming and playing tennis
  • Hot yoga
  • Spinning


She visit gym twice a day for better result. This exercise types keeps her motivated and engaged because like most of you, Sonakshi also hates going to the gym or working out at all. So, if you want to join a gym, make sure your trainer gives you a workout regimen that works best for you.

In her new avatar, she looks stunning. Sonakshi gave some advice to her fan followers :

Don’t expect results overnight. It took you months or years to pile on the kilos, what makes you think it will be gone in a few days? It is important to condition your mind and be patient during the process. Rather than dwelling on how much more you have to achieve, think of how far you have already come.

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