How to Use Onion for Skin-Care

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How to Use Onion for Skin-Care

Onion is very powerful antiseptic that protects your skin. We all know that onions are very important for health. Onion is  used for treating digestion problems including loss of appetite, upset stomach, and gallbladder disorders. Onion is also used to make medicine. Onion is good for hair also. Onion can be used to fight dandruff owing to their rich antibacterial properties.

Research has found that they have the ability to prevent neck and head cancer. It helps in cleansing our blood, thereby preventing the chances of developing a number of skin issues.


Onion Care Your Skin

An effective skin pack doesn’t have to cost you: you can make your own with raw onion juice, that will restore balance and moisture to dull skin. Cut a fresh onion into small pieces and juice them up, then dip a cotton ball into it and apply all over your skin.


How To Make Onion Face Pack :

To prepare your own onion face mask, get 2 tablespoon gram flour, 1.5 tablespoon freshly onion juice and 1/2 teaspoon milk.

  • Mix all the ingredients to form a thick paste.
  • If pack becomes too thick, you can add some extra milk.
  • You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the paste to remove smell of onion.
  • Apply the pack to your face and neck after wash your face clearly.
  • Allow the pack to remain for 15-20 minutes or if you have more time, then you can remain it for more time, it’s not harmful.

This onion face pack will glow up your face and shine your skin..You should try this must…


Other beauty benefits of onion


  • Onion is also used to prevent aging.
  • Onion has also skin lightening properties.
    • It’s also used to cure acne.
    • It’s also used to remove patches, pigmentation and spots.


  • Onion also used to get brighter skin.


  • It’s also purifies the blood and promotes health.


Hope you find all the above listed beauty benefits of onion useful!

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